Going Mobile !

A robust toolkit to meet them where they are and understand where they are going.

Why Mobile Research?

With the changing market landscape and changing consumer behaviours & habits, user can no longer be confined in a single place instead they have become more mobile and hard to catch up in traditional ways. Mobile Marketing Research allows clients and researchers unprecedented access into the everyday lives of people around the world.

With Mobile Marketing Research, it is possible for researchers to see user-generated videos, photos, send messages to and read immediate responses from participants and listen to the actual voice of the customer while they are in the moment, where it matters most to marketers. Mobile Research methodology has given the market research industry a new dimension on how to approach and get valuable feedback from our ever changing mobile users.

Mobile Diary

We at Centaur Research have stepped up our offerings in Mobile Research segment with the introduction of our own Mobile Diary Web App for its consumers which enables them to write down and capture their emotions anywhere and anytime. Our diary app enables users to create notes, upload images, record their locations and much more all without installing a single app.

Centaur Research Mobile Diary App

Surveys in mobile & tablets

With the growing of the number of smartphone penetration in emerging countries in the recent years and a highly mobile & dynamic consumer set, interviewing and surveying using smartphone & tablets is becoming a common place. With a view to capture the opinions & beliefs of such consumers, Centaur Research is employing Mobile Survey in every possible way.

Benefits of Mobile Survey

In-the Moment

Capture "In The Moment" Data

Wide Reach & Mobility

Tap the growing mobile users

Rapid Insights

Rapid insights within 24 hours

Mobile Panels

In under-developed countries

  • Target otherwise hard to reach audience.
  • Increase deployment and conducting speed.
  • Quick and effective response rate due to its short nature of surveys.
  • Penetration of mobile devices higher than PC & Laptops.
  • Pin-point data collection within short time-frame
  • Can be relied for data authenticity

In developed countries

  • Conduct in the moment research
  • More time spent online in mobile than in computers
  • Highly valued user responses in touch of a button
  • Automatic device detection allow for the best possible user experience
  • More ways to conduct mobile diary studies and surveys.