Benefits Of Mobile Diaries

Mobile Diaries helps us understand the consumer lifestyle and behavior in great details without much active interference from the consumer which results in non-distracting and quality oriented respondent specific results.

Centaur Research Mobile Diary offers vast possibilities to collect real-time user feelings & informations about a particular brand when they encounter it provoking swift and in the moment response.

In The Moment Research

With the emergence of mobile research technology, In The Moment Research has gained new momentum and is now more powerful and precise than ever. With the increase in smartphone and tablet users, mobile has become a new trend for conducting in the moment quick diaries and surveys, extracting information that was previously thought impossible. Mobile Diary successfully utilise the internet and multimedia capabilities of smartphone and tablets for creating data rich textual and multimedia notes. With the projected consensus of ever growing mobile subscribers and consumers it is now certain that mobile has taken the giant leap forward against its online counterpart. Centaur Research aims to bring these capabilities into its research arsenal to provide you with unprecedented and quality responses.

Mobile Diary: Why, When & How


Web App

Web app with minimal footprint. Doesn't need to be installed and can be directly launched from the browser.


Support for accurate Location capture from the built-in GPS receiver and transposes them using Google Maps.

Time & Date

Allows for capture of Time and Date with every notes.

Unified Compose

Unified Compose Page allows you to quickly create notes, upload audios and save locations.

Why use Mobile Diary?

What if you need unbiased in-the-moment feelings and behavior data? What if you needed to go beyond the level deeper and find out what your consumer says about you and your brand in their own words?

Well if that's the case, Mobile Diary can help you get out of that insomnia and make you ready to get the first glance of your consumer's honest, unbiased and un-corrupted feedback.

Centaur Research: Mobile Diary is the tool that offers you access to these vast resources of evolving consumer opinions and decisions. Our Diary App can help you get close towards the consumer feelings & opinions and record In the Moment feedback about your brand personality.

It is these resources that you should rely on to make a sound & smart business decision. Consumer opinions and feelings tend to change for many reasons. The product that they like today may not be as attractive tomorrow. It is these changing opinions and attitude that Mobile Diary aims to capture.

Centaur Research Mobile Diary is capable of including valuable and deeper insights with the help of text, images, audios and locations by utilizing the multi-media capabilities of the phone.

Features Of Mobile Diary:

  • Users can create diary entries anywhere, anytime.
  • Users location latitude & longitude is recorded with every notes.
  • Creating notes with images, audio and locations makes for in-depth data.
  • Allows for real-time updates from anywhere.

When use Mobile Diary?

Mobile Diary can be used when you need in-depth consumer feelings and behaviors about a certain product or brand over an extended period of time detailing all the occurrences of feelings and attitude evolved over that time period.
Moreover mobile diary can used to collect real-time in the moment consumer opinions after they encounter a particular product or brand.

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Centaur Diary Home

Centaur Mobile Diary Wall is the place to look for all your notes, audios, images and locations you have posted. You can edit, delete, compose notes, record images, save locations .etc

It's a time saving option to view all your posts in one place and have a quick glance on your latest post as well.

Up to 5 Posts and 9 Images per section is displayed in the Wall. One can easily navigate for viewing more by clicking on the See More button.

Manage all Posts from a Single Place

Take control of every aspect of the diary entering process. View all users posts, images, audios and videos.
Download them or even export full database at once or view single users posts .etc --- all in one place.

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